Published Work



Prose “In Time, She Will Not Look Away” Emerge (November)


Prose “A Holy Claustrophobia” (This Boy) Rejection Letters

Prose “On Wednesdays” Mythic Picnic

Prose “The Idea of a Thing is Not the Thing Itself” (This Boy) Hobart 

Prose “Eliza, Tell Them We’re Sorry” Life is Like a Hurricane Anthology presented by Drunk Monkeys 

Prose “This Boy Can Never Do Anything Right” (This Boy) Bending Genres 

Prose “Endless Cycles” Emerge

Prose “Paradox” (This Boy) (mac)ro(mic)

Prose “This Boy Bags Ghosts” (This Boy) Selcouth Station

Prose “Moon-Kissed Rose” Mythic Picnic (2nd place in MPTSP V5, Print TBA) 

Prose “Cravings on the Lightning Fields” Taco Bell Quarterly 

Prose “Counterpoint” (This Boy) Ellipsis Zine

Prose “A Young Woman Should Never Go Alone at Night” Splonk



Prose “To Find The Light You Carry” Neutral Spaces Magazine 

Hybrid “Clawing” Pidgeonholes (longlisted for THE BODY contest)

Prose “The Reason for the Flood” Silver Needle Press 

Prose “Never Accept Their Invitations” Detritus Online 

Prose “After a Mass Shooting, I Dream” Lammergeier 

Prose “Craven” #VSS365 Anthology

Prose “The Little Bats” Virtual Zine 

Poetry “i’ll ask the shower walls one more time” Back Patio Press 

Poetry “What a Broken Heart Feels Like” small poems

Prose “Still Life of Boy and Skull” Maudlin House / (Read by the author on Malarky Public Radio)

Prose “Glissando” Riggwelter Press 

Prose “Golden Hour” Detritus Online 

Prose “An Audience of Feathers” SOFT CARTEL 

Prose “Rage, Rage” Back Patio Press

Prose “Tears for Tadpoles” SOFT CARTEL 

Prose “Scratching Post” Lammergeier

Prose “A Patient Act of Love”CHEAP POP 

Prose “Wolf Pack” (Print TBA) Mythic Picnic

Prose “To Summon the Fey” briars lit




Prose “Memories of the Meaningless” Sky Island Journal

Prose “The Middle Ground” Vestal Review (2nd place in Tombstone Contest)

Prose “Water Polo” My Body, My Words



Prose “Passage” Tiferet Journal

Prose “Caldera” Ithaca College Writing Contest 2017 (1st place for Personal Essay)



Poetry “The Skull is Ash, is Glitter” States of Mind

Prose “Joe” ZoetIC (1st place for Personal Essay)

Prose “Of Dragons and Wisdom” Stillwater Magazine